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DIY - Do It Yourself 

To some, Do It Yourself are terrifying words, but to many others, DIY means saving money, lots of money.   building.pngBut before you can start saving money, you have to think about what you want, make a plan, even some sketches and then develop a list of materials.  Then you have to figure out where you can get the materials and sum-up the costs.   

vCalc wants to help.    Below is a list of DIY categories.  If you click on any of the bullets, it will take you to the free online calculator at vCalc that helps DIY workers compute the materials or other information needed to do one’s project. These calculator might not answer every question, but they sure help a lot of people in DIY projects, hundreds of thousands every month, millions every year.

Roofing Functions:

Framing Functions:

Foundation and Basement Functions:

Electrician and Plumbing Function: