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Starting this month, BN Products-USA is sponsoring a web tool that can be used by you and your customers.   BN Products has brought you the finest rebar and related construction tools for decades, and we are now the proud sponsor of a software tool to help you make professional grade estimates with the Rebar Calculator at  The Rebar Calculator estimates the length and weight of rebar in slabs and walls. The Rebar Calc is available over the Internet for free via your desktop computer or on your smart phone.  Since it’s a web based tool, you don’t need to download anything.  Just go to the website and make your calculations.    The Rebar Calculator contains equations and data used in working with reinforcement bars (rebar) in concrete slabs.  The formulas calculate materials needed for rectangular, circular and irregular shaped slabs. (para español, HAGA CLIC AQUÍ) .   In all, there are 11 sub pages that you should be aware of when talking with your clients and customers:slabRebar.png
Irregular Rebar.png            Irregular Shaped Slab
Rebar Circular Slab.png

The Rebar Calculator lets you:

  • Choose the shape of your slab.  Most slabs are rectangles with square corners, but the Rebar Calc also has rebar and concrete formulas for circular slabs and irregular slabs (see diagrams).
  • Enter the dimensions of the slab in numerous units.  The default is in feet and inches.  But you can also enter the dimensions of your slab in meters and centimeters.
  • Choose the inset and rebar spacing.
  • Choose the number of rebar mats.
  • Choose a rebar size.  Rebar size is used in computing the weight of rebar in a grid, but size is also a key component when computing the length due to the rebar size effect on the length of lapping.
  • Enter a lapping factor

Rebar length is returned in feet, but with a click of a button, this can be changed to meters or other length units.  Rebar weight is returned in pounds with automatic conversions to kilograms and short and metric tons.

The Rebar Calculator also has concrete functions to help you compute:

You can find the Rebar Calc if you CLICK HERE or if you Google “Rebar Calc” where you’ll see vCalc’s Rebar Calc high in the list.  The Rebar Calc is also available in Spanish.

BN Products is committed to providing the best tools to help make your operations as efficient as possible.  The Rebar Calc is simply another step in this process.  If you desire additional functions in the Rebar Calculator, don’t hesitate to let us know, or mention BN Products and make a suggestion to the engineers at vCalc through the Contact Us button at the bottom of any page.

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