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Math in Historic Japan

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vCalc is where people create and share online calculators, and we are always surprised by the diversity of tools created. For example, earlier this summer, vCalc had a unique addition by Doctor James Harry Morris (PhD FRAS, Associate Researcher at the University of St Andrews, Center for the Study of Religion and Politics near Edinburgh Scotland). Dr Morris’ dissertation was on Christianity in 16th and 17th Century Japan. After writing an article for the Digital ... Read More

DIY Starting Point

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To some, Do It Yourself are terrifying words, but to many others, DIY means saving money, lots of money. But before you can start saving money, you have to think about what you want, make a plan, even some sketches and then develop a list of materials. Then you have to figure out where you can get the materials and sum-up the costs. vCalc wants to help. Below is a list of DIY categories. If you click on any of the bullets, it will take you to the free onlin... Read More