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How much meat will I get from my deer?

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Deer season 2017 is almost here, and if you're like me, after every successful hunt you're probably left wondering "How much meat will I get from this deer?". If you butcher your own deer it might not be a number that you really care about. You get all the meat off that you can and that’s that. If you care about the number you can weigh it and find out. But for anyone who drops a deer off at a butcher and picks up a box of wrapped and frozen meat a month or so later i... Read More

BN Products sponsors the Rebar Calc

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Starting this month, BN Products-USA is sponsoring a web tool that can be used by you and your customers. BN Products has brought you the finest rebar and related construction tools for decades, and we are now the proud sponsor of a software tool to help you make professional grade estimates with the Rebar Calculator at The Rebar Calculator estimates the length and weight of rebar in slabs and walls. The Rebar Calc is available over the Internet for free... Read More

The Summer Workweek

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9 to 5 Monday through Friday! That's the normal work week for most people and one would assume that more work gets done in the middle of the week. Remember "Hump Day"? Well if it's a normal work week (no holidays) between September and May, that's probably true. But during the summer, work productivity changes. People do most of the work on Monday! Numbers don't lie, and at vCalc we see the work cycle every week and surrounding every holiday, even Spring Break.... Read More

Planting New Grass

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Now that spring is here, you may want to consider planting grass to spruce up your lawn. The winter often shows where your lawn needs the most help, and the wet weather of spring can be a big help. By the way, fall is also a good time to plant.The two primary ways of planting new grass in a lawn is:Laying Sod Planting Grass SeedIn both cases, you'll want to prepare the land. It's good to have tilled and graded land (churned up and smoothed out) to get ready ... Read More