Weight of meat on a steer

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The Weight of Meat on a Steer calculator approximates the weight of meat on a steer based on its weight, either live or dressed.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose weight units and enter the following:

  • (Weight)  This is the weight of the steer. It can be either the live or dressed weight.
  • (Type)  This is the  weight type of the steer. Options are live weight or dressed weight (also known as hanging weight or carcass).

Weight of Meat: The calculator computes the approximate weight (W) of meat on the steer in pounds. However, this can be automatically converted to other weight units (e.g. kilograms) via the pull-down window.
To compute the amount of meat on a deer, CLICK HERE.  This is the weight before field dressing, live or freshly killed.

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General Information

The amount of meat yielded from a steer can be generally calculated based on some approximations. The dressed or hanging weight can be assumed to be around 62-64% of the live weight. About 55-75% of the carcass weight will end up as usable meat, and a large portion of it will we ground beef, not steak. This value can vary due to many factors such as boneless or bone-in steaks, the amount of fat left on steaks and not trimmed,  the ratio of fat to lean in the ground beef,  the fat and muscle composition of the specific animal, and more.

Obviously it is impossible to calculate exactly how much meat a steer will yield before hand, and other people may assume a higher or lower percentage of the animal will be meat  but this equation will give you a decent ballpark idea of what you can expect.

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