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Pulled Pork Calculator
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The Grilling Calculator calculates the amount of food you need to cook in order to feed a certain amount of people.  Select the calculator that matches what you are cooking and enter the number of guests and the serving size to get an good idea of how much to prepare.

Grilling out is one of everyone's favorite summer pastimes.  It is always fun to get invited over to someones barbecue and of course to invite people to one of your own. If you are planning a big cook out this year let us help plan. Whenever you are cooking for a larger group of people than normal it is important to figure out exactly how much to prepare. Its ok to have a little too much but you definitely don't want to run out. Whether you are cooking pulled pork, ribs, hot dogs, burgers or any classic sides, we have calculators that can help you figure out how much you need to cook for the number of guests you expect.

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