DAPRE Progression for Endurance

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The DAPRE Progression for Endurance calculator computes the amount of weight you should lift for a given set based on the target weight.

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose units and enter the following:

  1. (targetWeight) The selected target weight to lift.
  2. (setNumber) The current set in the DAPRE 4 set progression.

To calculate the adjusted target weight for set 4 see the DAPRE Progression for Endurance: Set 4 New Target Weight calculator

General Information

The Daily Adjustable Progressive Resistive Exercise (DAPRE) Method is used to step up exercise resistance in standard increments based on a percentage of the target weight. You start with a certain target weight, lets say 25 pounds. Then you would perform 4 sets using the rules in the table below:

Set Repetitions % of target Weight
1 15 50%
2 12 75%
3 Max 100%
4 Max See Table 2
Reps Performed 4th set Weight Next session target weight
< 12 Decrease 5-10 lbs No Change
12-15 No Change No Change
> 15 Increase 5-10 lbs Increase 5-10 lbs

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